Baum am Fluss

Methacrylate monomers based on raw materials with Bio-Carbon content.

Sustainability is one of our guiding principles. Count on us as your partner for sustainable 
solutions tailored to your specific needs. In addition to analyzing and reducing the carbon  footprint throughout the supply chain, we develop processes with the highest possible  degree of resource efficiency. Another key  aspect of constantly challenging and improving  sustainability performance is the use of biobased  raw materials. Our motivation is both to  use bio-renewable raw materials and to offer added value in the end applications.

Products                                                Biocontent*

VISIOMER® IBOA                                   77%

VISIOMER® THFMA                              56%

VISIOMER® GLYFOMA                         38%

VISIOMER® Terra IBOMA                     71%

VISIOMER® Terra C13-MA                  76% 

VISIOMER® Terra C17.4-MA               81% 

*Calculated as ratio of C-number alchohol to C-number methacrylate

150x200 Terra Image

VISIOMER® Terra products are eco-friendly labelled and contribute to sustainable solutions with high Bio-Carbon content

These VISIOMER® products are all made from raw materials with bio carbon conntent.