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Structural Adhesives

Structural acrylic adhesives are used in the transportation industry for OEM assembly and in marine applications.

For structural methacrylic adhesives, the choice of monomers largely depends on the substrate to be bonded. Usually, no surface preparation is needed for this type of reactive adhesives – one of the major advantages of methacrylic-based adhesives. To increase adhesion to metal, polar functionalized monomers, such as VISIOMER® GMAA (methacrylic acid), and the hydroxyesters VISIOMER® HEMA and HPMA are typically used. 

Crosslinking monomers – e.g. VISIOMER® HEMATMDI – can increase adhesion to polar surfaces as well. Crosslinkers are important for ensuring the necessary cohesion strength. Evonik proposes a variety of di- or trifunctional crosslinking monomers. For high crosslinking densities, our VISIOMER® TMPTMA, a trifunctional monomer, is recommended. Difunctional crosslinkers, such as VISIOMER® EGDMA, TRGDMA and 1,4 BDDMA, vary in their chain length and have an impact on final mechanical properties. For non-polar surfaces, the long-chain alkyl methacrylates are the preferred choice of monomer. Improvement adhesion to low-energy surfaces can be achieved with VISIOMER® IDMA or VISIOMER® C13-MA, for instance. 

Using VISIOMER® THFMA or VISIOMER® IBOMA, for example, will enhance the mechanical performance of methacrylate adhesives. Substituting VISIOMER® MMA for VISIOMER® THFMA in adhesive formulations will improve elongation properties at comparable Young's moduli.