Application Areas

Chemical Anchoring

Chemical anchors are a combination of mechanical parts and adhesive substances that work together to bond old concrete to new concrete, or bolt items, such as rails or mechanical equipment, to concrete surfaces.

Using methacrylate reactive resin compositions as binders for the art of chemical fastening is common practice. The reactive resin compositions in question are two-component systems, in which one component comprises the reactive resin and the other the curing agent. One or both components may include other, customary constituents such as fillers, accelerants, stabilizers, solvents (including comonomers as reactive solvents). Mixing the two components then leads to the formation of free radicals and the initiation of the reaction, which thermosets the resin.

The resin component of systems used for this purpose contains a mixture of mono and multifunctional methacrylates as reactive thinners. They improve adhesion and show moderate polymerization shrinkage. The hydroxyfunctional methacrylates VISIOMER® HPMA and HEMA are the preferred choice for the monofunctional component. VISIOMER® EGDMA, BDGMA, 1,4 BDDMA, TEGMA, PEG200DMA and TMPTMA are typically used for the multifunctional component.