VISIOMER Superplasticizer



Application Areas


Concrete admixtures are materials that are added to concrete during the mixing process in quantities not exceeding 5 wt% of cement. This way, concrete properties can be altered in the fresh and hardened state. Polycarboxylated ether polymer-based superplasticizers are well-known in the cement/concrete industry as special types of concrete admixtures for improving pumpability (rheology) and strength characteristics of fresh concrete. Moreover, they improve processability and facilitate the placing and compacting of concrete. They also allow for a lower water-to-cement ratio, thus improving concrete strength and durability. 

Third-generation superplasticizers are typically aqueous solutions of methoxypolyethylene glycol (MPEG) methacrylates of different chain lengths and methacrylic acid. VISIOMER® MPEG 2005 MA W and VISIOMER® MPEG 5005 MA W are ideal for copolymerization with VISIOMER® GMAA for the application as superplasticizers. The polymerization is performed in solution resulting in statistical copolymers.