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Methacrylate monomers for Personal Care

Copolymers of amino methacrylates and/or quaternized monomers are part of many hair care products as these polymers accumulate on the hair surface.
Cationic polyelectrolytes, which show a strong affinity with hair keratin, are used for cationic adjustment. This is achieved by copolymerizing cationic monomers with hydrophobic, non-ionic ones, leading to polyelectrolytes whose films are elastic and less hygroscopic.
All cationic polymers have to be listed for use in cosmetics. They are registered under a sequential number in the International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients, specifically as part of the polyquaternium group. The International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook lists the INCI number along with the CAS number, trade name and supplier.
Methacrylate monomers and their typical properties in cosmetics & hair care
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Affinity with hair surface
Quaternized aminomethacrylates (Quats)
Affinity with hair keratin
Ether methacrylates
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