VISIOMER® Specialty methacrylates  for oil & gas 


Methacrylates and methacrylamides are versatile building blocks in oil and gas applications. Drilling, stimulation, production, midstream, EOR and infrastructure are some of the sub-markets serviced by Evonik. 

Our VISIOMER® products show capabilities and  innovations in the hydrocarbon lifecycle to:

  • Unlock reservoir potential

  • Protect and extend asset life and reliability

  • Increase and enhance production and

Selected Solutions

VISIOMER® long alkyl chain methacrylates like  VISIOMER® Terra C13-MA, Terra C17.4-MA and C18-22-MA are essential constituents of wax inhibitors for flow assurance.

Cationic methacrylates and methacrylamides  such as VISIOMER® MAPTAC and TMAEMC 
are used in water treatment, in both production  and stimulation. They act as comonomers in friction reducer polymers for hydraulic fracturing

VISIOMER® NIPMAA is used as building block  for polymers in oil & gas applications.


  • Improved flow assurance

  • Treatment of high brine waters

VISIOMER® Technical information 

Methacrylate and methacrylamide monomer building blocks for oil and gas applications

"Flyer" - Methacrylates and methacrylamides as building blocks for oil and gas applications  (pdf, 84 KB) "Brochure" - Evonik Oil & Gas Industry Team  (pdf, 1.32 MB)