VISIOMER Flocculants

Flocculation aids for water and wastewater treatment

Paper & Water

Application Areas

Methacrylate monomers for Paper & Water

When it comes to wastewater clearing and sludge dewatering, high molecular weight polyelectrolytes are used alone or in combination with inorganic coagulants. They are active over a wider pH range than inorganic coagulants and produce smaller volumes of more concentrated, rapidly settling and more shear-stable precipitate. Cationic, non-ionic and anionic copolymers are used as well. Generally, cationic polymers are built from acrylamide and cationic methacrylate monomers, such as VISIOMER® TMAEMC and MAPTAC. These products can be customized by tweaking the amount of quaternized monomers incorporated into the polymer.