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Methacrylate monomers for Paper & Water

Copolymers containing amino methacrylates, such as VISIOMER® MADAME and DMAPMA, are suitable as retention agents in papermaking. Consisting predominantly of cationic polyelectrolytes, they improve retention in the draining of pulp during the paper making process. Their efficiency can be tuned across a wide spectrum via the molecular weight and content of amino groups. In (weakly acid) pulp suspensions, such polymers are present as cationic polyelectrolytes. Besides their role as retention agents, they ensure rapid suspension dewatering.

The copolymers of our quaternized amino methacrylate monomers VISIOMER® TMAEMC and MAPTAC act as retention and dewatering agents as well. In their capacity as ‘genuine’ polyelectrolytes, they perform these duties in the acid as well as in neutral range.