VISIOMER Artificial Marble

Artificial Marble


Application Areas

Methacrylate monomers for Plastics

The term 'artificial marble' commonly refers to synthetic materials that mimic the texture of natural stone by compounding natural stone powder and/or minerals with resin components (such as acrylics, unsaturated polyesters, epoxies and the like) or cement, and adding various pigments and additives.

Artificial marbles based on methacrylates are widely used as materials for kitchen countertops, wash basins, dressing tables, bathtubs, tabletops, walls, interior fixtures, etc. They combine outstanding aesthetics and high-end texture with excellent durability.

VISIOMER® MMA is the most widely used monomer in this application field. Besides MMA, a specialty methacrylate such as VISIOMER® IBOMA can impart additional properties to the finished products, such as excellent dimension stability and hot water resistance. 

Multifunctional methacrylates such as VISIOMER® 1,3-BDDMA, 1,4-BDDMA EGDMA, TRGDMA, and TMPTMA are used to enhance thermal stability and other mechanical properties of cast plastic sheets.