Building block for low VOC Coatings and Adhesive applications

Evonik offers a wide range of specialty methacrylates and strives to develop innovation-driven solutions 
that bring value to our customers’ business. Among these is the specialty methacrylate VISIOMER® 
TMCHMA (3,3,5-trimethyl cyclohexyl methacrylate), which is used in both adhesive and coating 

VISIOMER® TMCHMA offers many benefits when incorporated into your polymer backbone, including:

  • Low viscosity in solvent-based coatings (high solid monomer) 

  • High Tg of 127 °C 

  • Excellent chemical, heat and water resistance

  • Excellent weatherability

  • High abrasion resistance


To produce high solids and low VOC (volatile organic  compound) coatings, VISIOMER® TMCHMA is an 
excellent building block due to its bulky side chain. Compared to VISIOMER® IBOMA, an established high 
solid monomer, the incorporation of VISIOMER® TMCHMA into resins leads to equal performance in all 
relevant film properties like hardness, gloss, flexibility and chemical resistance.

Adhesives applications

No matter the application, whether in the automotive, construction or electronic industry, adhesives always 
play a crucial role. In these applications, VISIOMER® TMCHMA is an ideal candidate due to its high glass 
transition temperature and excellent mechanical properties. VISIOMER® TMCHMA acts as a reactive 
diluent in reactive adhesives and shows good adhesion on different substrates. 

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