More than 80 years of expertise in methacrylate monomers

From joint product development and specialized technical support to vendor-managed inventory and warehousing, we develop solutions by means of strategic partnerships and provide know-how for start-to finish solutions. From production to application, we provide know-how for start-to finish solutions. VISIOMER®, Evonik’s global trademark for methacrylate monomers,  stands for high-quality products, global service and outstanding 

Today, our portfolio includes more  than 40 specialty methacrylates, offering a versatile toolbox to solve 
literally any challenge in a broad  range of application areas. Since  we are at the forefront of innovation, Evonik’s methacrylate labs  have developed more than 400 different monomers over the years. 
We go beyond the boundaries.  

Our technical and production capabilities help us to support our customers to develop solutions for their specific problems, and we personally invite them to add newpages to the book of outstanding collaborations.