VISIOMER® - Specialty methacrylates for 3D Printing Resins

3D printing is a rapidly growing type of technology that is finding its way into many fields, including medical solutions, plastics processing and prototype construction. With VISIOMER®Specialty methacrylates, Evonik offer innovative monomers that are optimally suited for use in these technologies.

The demands for 3D printed materials are high and vary from application to application. For many, properties such as stability, hardness, chemical resistance and flexibility are what play a major role. For others, it is important that the printable resins used are highly reactive but will not shrink during curing. Customers are also looking for low vapor pressure and eco-friendly GHS labeling.

Evonik offer a range of specialty methacrylates that meet these requirements and can specifically target the properties of printing resins and printed materials.


VISIOMER® HEMATMDI, VISIOMER® TRGDMA and VISIOMER® PEG 200 DMA are used in dental compounds, adhesives for dental  applications and for 3D printed aligners.


  • Tunable resin properties by functional comonomers
  • Crosslinkers for improved mechanical and chemical resistance

Our technical and production capabilities allow us to support your needs to develop solutions for 3D-printing challenges. .

Visit our VISIOMER® ToolBox to find the best properties during printing and in the final object. For further information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.