VISIOMER® Specialty methacrylates for 3D Printing 

Methacrylate-based polymers are products with high resistance against environmental influences like UV light or chemicals. Due to their high glass transition temperature, enhanced mechanical properties can be obtained, especially by using methacrylate  crosslinkers. 


VISIOMER® GDMA and VISIOMER® UHP-HEMA provide free hydroxyl group for isocyanate curing or further chemical functionalization.

VISIOMER® MEEU 25 M is an excellent adhesion promoter for polar surfaces.

VISIOMER® MAAH easily introduces methacrylic functionalities into various oligomers.

Selected solution

Our technical and production capabilities allow us to support your needs to develop solutions for 3D-printing challenges. .

Visit our VISIOMER® ToolBox to find the best properties during printing and in the final object. For further information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.