VISIOMER® methacrylates are used in reactive two-component adhesive and sealant formulations. Most popular are anaerobic or structural adhesives, based on methacrylates. Emulsion polymers for pressure-sensitive adhesives and sealants also contain our VISIOMER® Specialty methacrylates.

As their name implies, anaerobic adhesives cure in the absence of oxygen. They are one-component systems that polymerize under the influences of organic hydroperoxides in the presence of metal ions. Owing to the necessary presence of metal ions, anaerobic adhesives and sealants are practically only suitable for bonding and sealing metals. Main application areas are screw locking, fixing, joining and sealing of pipes and flanges. Polyethylene glycol dimethacrylates, and especially VISIOMER® TRGDMA and PEG200DMA, are the most important group of monomers for manufacturing anaerobic adhesives.

Methacrylate monomers are used as comonomers mainly in binders for water-based PSAs, but also for acrylic hot melt systems. They are added to improve mechanical properties and provide additional functionalities like adhesion promotion. Acrylic PSAs are mainly used as adhesives for labels, tapes or lamination, especially in the packaging industry.

Structural acrylic adhesives are used in the transportation industry for OEM assembly and in marine applications. For structural methacrylic adhesives, the choice of monomers largely depends on the substrate to be bonded. Usually, no surface preparation is needed for this type of reactive adhesives – one of the major advantages of methacrylic-based adhesives

Selected Solutions

VISIOMER® Terra IBOMA, VISIOMER® BNMA, VISIOMER® THFMA and VISIOMER® c-HMA are used in combination with VISIOMER® Crosslinkers for the formulation of structural adhesives with low hazard potential and low vapor pressure.

VISIOMER® MEEU is used to improve adhesion and cohesion of emulsion polymers for PSA´s.


  • Enhanced cohesive strength and resistance
  • Fomulation components with low hazard potential
  • Increased adhesion to polar substrates

The evonik adhesives & sealants industry team