VISIOMER® - Methacrylates FOR Composite resins

Evonik's methacrylates Business Line offers a wide range of low-volatile and low-odor methacrylate monomers for full or partial substitution of styrene in composite resins. They are used as reactive diluents or crosslinkers in unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) or vinyl ester formulations. 

Styrene, as a reactive diluent for UPR and VER resins, has recently come under increased regulatory scrutiny. Here, Evonik provides a wide variety of low volatility and low odor monomers as more environmentally responsible full or partial substitutes for styrene.

Selected Solutions

VISIOMER® 1,4-BDDMA, VISIOMER® EGDMA, VISIOMER® PEG200DMA and VISIOMER® TMPTMA are used as reactive diluents to improve mechanical properties.

VISIOMER® HEMA-P improves adhesion to glass fibers and flame retardancy in composite resins.


Low-odor, reactive diluents

Improved mechanical properties

Superior adhesion

Flame retardancy