VISIOMER® - methacrylates for coatings AND PRINTING INKS

Coatings that require excellent film-formation, adhesion, durability and gloss properties are ideally formulated with methacrylate resins. The broad portfolio of VISIOMER® methacrylate monomers enables formulators to precisely calibrate resin properties, such as adhesion, metal protection or even preservation of natural wood.

Selected Solutions

VISIOMER® Terra IBOMA & VISIOMER® c-HMA provide weather- and scratch resistance to solvent borne coatings and allow for reduction of solvent content without compromising leveling and gloss. Resins with IBOMA or CHMA show fast physical drying. VISIOMER® Terra IBOMA contributes to the biorenewable character of your paints.

VISIOMER® MPEG 750 MA W, VISIOMER® MPEG 1005 MA W & VISIOMER® MPEG 2005 MA W provide water borne paints with excellent low temperature stability against agglomeration.

VISIOMER® MEEU 25 M & VISIOMER® MEEU 50 W improves paint adhesion and wet scrub resistance.

VISIOMER® C18 PEG 1105 MA W promotes associative thickening for better sag control.

Long Alkyl Chain Esters such as VISIOMER® EHMA, IDMA, Terra C13-MA and Terra C17-MA enhance hydrophobicity of emulsion paints and strengthen resin resistance against polar media


  • Excellent weather- and scratch resistance
  • SB coatings with low VOC, fast physical drying and outstanding leveling and gloss
  • Excellent shear stability, viscosity control and adhesion of emulsion paints to a variety of substrates
  • Higher resistance against polar chemicals
  • Carbon footprint reduction