Novel water-free Methoxy Polyethyleneglycol Methacrylate (MPEG MA) monomer in liquid form.

Evonik offers a wide range of specialty methacrylates. Among these is the class of hydrophilic VISIOMER® MPEG Methacrylates (MPEG MAs) such as VISIOMER® MPEG 750 MA W, VISIOMER® MPEG 1005 MA W, VISIOMER® MPEG 2005 MA W and VISIOMER® MPEG 5005 MA W which are offered in aqueous solutions.

A new addition to this class of monomer is VISIOMER® MPEG 500 MA, a pure, water-free and easy-to-handle Methoxy Polyethyleneglycol Methacrylate monomer in liquid form. VISIOMER® MPEG 500 MA is water soluble and contains approximately 12 ethylene oxide (EO) units in the chain.


VISIOMER® MPEG Methacrylates can be used as comonomers in various applications like emulsion polymers, superplasticizers, and polymers for paper and water treatment or for production of emulsifiers and thickeners and they have the following characteristics:low OH numbers (high conversion rate)

  • low color
  • low crosslinker content
  • label-free

VISIOMER® MPEG 500 MA is ideal for use as a polymerizable surfactant, for instance in secondary dispersions that improve the dispersibility of the solution-polymerized resin in water. In some cases, the product can even replace the use of an additional dispersing agent.

VISIOMER® MPEG 500 MA is an excellent material for use as a co-monomer for polymeric dispersants, (reactive) pigment dispersant, as a co-monomer for reactive resin applications, as an emulsifier in formulations and for use in all types of radical polymerization.

Due to its low Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), it can be used as flexibilising agent. Like VISIOMER® MPEG 750MA W, VISIOMER® MPEG 500 MA improves the freeze-thaw stability of polymer dispersions.

We are looking forward to supporting you in finding the best solution to your challenges in polymer design. Contact us for further information on VISIOMER® MPEG Methacrylate products