Evonik's methacrylate monomers are widely used as reactive diluents, crosslinkers, and raw materials for polymer synthesis in polymer composites. Basic methacrylates, such as VISIOMER® MMA and n-BMA, are commonly utilized as co-monomers with styrene in unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) to enhance the weather resistance of gel coats and laminate resins. VISIOMER® GMAA is used in synthesizing vinyl ester (VE) molecules and as a co-monomer with acrylonitrile in the production of the carbon fiber precursor polyacrylonitrile (PAN). In PAN manufacturing, VISIOMER® GMAA serves as a plasticizer and processing aid by keeping the polymerization exotherm at a manageable level. 

Styrene, as a reactive diluent for UPR and VER resins, has recently come under increased regulatory scrutiny. Here, Evonik provides a wide variety of low volatility and low odor monomers as more environmentally responsible full or partial substitutes for styrene.
Crosslinkers such as VISIOMER® 1,4-BDDMA and TMPTMA, can be used to improve the mechanical properties of styrene-based systems. Alternatively, these types of crosslinkers can be used in conjunction with other methacrylate monomers, such as VISIOMER® HEMA 98 and HPMA 98, to create low-odor, styrene-free resins. 
Typically, two to three monomers are required to allow full replacement of styrene. Blending the monomers facilitates the optimization of desired properties, such as flexural strength and UV resistance.
Evonik's specialists would love to optimize your resin systems to the required mechanical properties.

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