HCN a major building block



There are several production processes for Hydrogen Cyanide worldwide. The Andrussow process is a leading on-purpose process for the production of Hydrogen Cyanide worldwide and is accountable for more than 50 Percent of the installed HCN capacity.

The second most important on-purpose process (BMA) was developed by Evonik’s predecessor company, Degussa. Evonik has experience in different production processes and combines all of the HCN expertise within the licenses granted to the customer.

Today, almost every new on-purpose production facility for Hydrogen Cyanide is based on the Andrussow technology.

Technology share on HCN capacity

HCN is used for a variety of applications, like:

  • Acetoncyanohydrine (methacrylates, pharmaceuticals…)

  • Adiponitrile (Nylon)

  • Sodium Cyanide (Gold and silver mining)

  • Glyphosate (Herbicides)

  • Amino acids (Feed additives)

  • Cyanuric chloride (Colorants, pesticides…)

  • Chelating agents


Andrussow Grafik