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High safety standards



Evonik considers the safety, health and security of the public, its employees, contractors, customers and the environment to be of primary importance in the conduct of its business.

Evonik has more than 60 years of operational experience in safe and reliable HCN production. Evonik has developed and optimized operational processes for a safe production environment. The production facilities of Evonik operate at highest safety standards within the HCN production community.

Evonik annually participates in the “HCN Industry Safety Conference” and shares its experience within the HCN community.

Transferring Evonik's experience and safety concepts to the licensee's plant layout and training the licensee's operators (at Evonik's sites as well as at the licensed plant), enables the licensee to operate at most possible safe conditions. Evonik's support all along the license project and the participation in the hazard study guarantees that Evonik's experience and high safety standards will be considered in the licensees plant set-up.