About us

VISIOMER® - The first choice in methacrylate solutions

More than 80 years of expertise in the field of methacrylate monomers

In 1901, Dr. Otto Röhm, a pioneer in methacrylate polymer chemistry, paved the way for a long standing tradition of innovation within Evonik Industries and its predecessor companies.

With large scale industrial production of methacrylate monomers and polymers already on the rise in the 1930s, Evonik has developed into a preferred partner for methacrylate solutions globally.

Today Evonik's standard portfolio includes more than 40 monomers and thus offers a versatile tool box to solve literally every challenge in a broad range of application areas. As a consequence of running at the forefront of innovation, Evoniks scientists have developed more than 400 different monomers over the past decades. As Evonik continues to embrace the innovative spirit of its ancestors, a personal invitation goes out to our customers to help add new pages to the book for outstanding cooperation.

VISIOMER®, Evonik's global trademark for methacrylate monomers, stands for high quality products, global comprehensive service, and long lasting expertise.