specialty methacrylates as surfactants and thickeners for flexible thickening solutions

Flexible thickening solutions

Surfactants and Thickeners

VISIOMER® specialty methacrylates are used to synthesize polymerizable surfactants and enable thickening solutions for a wide range of applications. 

VISIOMER® specialty methacrylates allow flexible thickening solutions for a wide range of applications.


VISIOMER® MPEG methacrylates are often used as nonionic reactive emulsifiers. When used in emulsion polymerization, a large fraction of the emulsifier molecules become irreversibly bound to the emulsion polymer chains and droplets. This can both improve latex stability and reduce foaming.


A dispersant is either a non-surface active polymer or a surface-active substance added to a suspension, usually a colloid, to improve particle separation and prevent settling or clumping. Dispersants normally consist of one or more emulsifiers. Polymer dispersants are widely used in many products, for example in adhesives, detergents, photographic solutions as well as in agriculture, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. You will also find them in cleaning and polishing products.


Acrylic thickeners are commonly produced by emulsion polymerization. One of the most important monomers are the so called associative thickeners.  Associative thickeners are based on hydrophobically modified polymers that combine high thickening efficiency with a less marked shear-thinning viscosity profile. Here, viscosity/shear can be controlled by varying the length of the polymer’s hydrophobic groups and molecular weight. 

Selected Solutions for surfactants and thickeners

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