VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylate Monomers


Specialty monomers serves a broad range of industries and application areas, and we ensure our toolbox is filled with solutions customized to fit any challenge. We carry the right tools to effectively support your needs and develop innovative products that make you successful.

specialty methacrylates for 3D printing

Specialty Methacrylates for 3D Printing

Methacrylate-based polymers are products with high resistance against environmental influences like UV light or chemicals. Due to their high glass transition temperature, enhanced mechanical properties can be obtained, especially by using methacrylate  crosslinkers.

specialty methacrylates for adhesives and sealants

Specialty methacrylates for Adhesives and Sealants

VISIOMER® specialty methacrylates are used in reactive 2 component adhesive and sealant formulations. Most popular are anaerobic or structural adhesives, based on methacrylates. Emulsion polymers for pressure-sensitive adhesives and sealants also contain our VISIOMER®.

specialty methacrylates for coatings

Specialty methacrylates for Coatings

Methacrylate resins are ideal for formulating coatings that require excellent film formation, adhesion, durability and gloss. Our broad portfolio of methacrylate monomers allows formulators to precisely calibrate the properties of the resins.

specialty methacrylates for composites

Specialty Methacrylates for Composites

Evonik's methacrylates product line offers a wide range of low-volatile and low-odor methacrylate monomers for full or partial substitution of styrene in composite resins. They are used as reactive diluents or crosslinkers in unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) or vinyl ester formulations.

Specialty methacrylates for Construction

Acrylic materials based on methacrylate monomers have captured a good market share in the construction industry. They serve as binders for concrete admixtures, liquid water proofing compounds, industrial flooring and reactive road marking systems as well as concrete repair compounds.

specialty methacrylates for electrical insulation resins

Specialty methacrylates for Electrical Insulation Resins

Evonik's special methacrylate monomers are frequently used as reactive diluents in insulating resins based on unsaturated polyester (UP) and polyesterimide (PEI). The use of styrene as a reactive diluent for UP and PEI resins has recently come under increased scrutiny from environmental and regulatory authorities.

specialty methacrylates for emulsion polymers

Specialty methacrylates for Emulsion Polymers

Emulsion polymer resins are made from methacrylate monomers that are not miscible with water and thus form discrete droplets. Droplet diameter and dispersion can be controlled through agitation speed, emulsifier and stabilizer.

specialty methacrylates for oil and gas

Specialty methacrylates  for Oil and Gas

Methacrylates and methacrylamides are versatile building blocks in oil and gas applications. Drilling, stimulation, production, midstream, EOR and infrastructure are some of the submarkets which are served by Evonik.

specialty methacrylates for paper, textile and water

Specialty Methacrylates for Paper, Textile and Water

Methacrylates offer numerous benefits for a wide range of applications in paper, water, textiles and nonwovens. For example, they are used as flocculation aids for water and wastewater treatment or as oil and water repellents to improve water resistance and reduce the dosage of perfluoroalkyl ethyl methacrylates.

specialty methacrylates for health and personal care

Specialty methacrylates for Personal Care and Health Care

Our special methacrylates are used in skin care, as styling polymers in hair care for conditioning and volumizing effects, but also in contact lenses for better wearing comfort and in dentistry for light curing, viscosity adjustment and for minimal shrinkage in composites for crowns, bridges and fillings.

specialty methacrylates for plastics and rubber

Specialty Methacrylates for Plastics and Rubber

VISIOMER® methacrylate monomers are used in the production of a wide range of plastics and rubbers. The most popular are artificial marble, PVC plastisols and the use of the products as co-agents for rubber crosslinking.

specialty methacrylates for specialty intermediates

Specialty Methacrylates for Specialty intermediates

We supply methacrylate monomers for synthesis that are used as active ingredients in pharmaceutical and agrochemical production.

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