protection of electric motors from heat and moisture through specialty methacrylates

Protection of electric motors, generators and transformers 

Electrical Insulation Resins

Evonik’s specialty methacrylate monomers are widely used as reactive diluents in unsaturated polyester (UP) and polyester imide (PEI) based insulation resins. The usage of styrene as a reactive diluent for UP and PEI resins has recently come under increased environmental and regulatory scrutiny. 

Electrical insulation resins, also known as impregnation resins, are used to protect electric motors, generators, and transformers from moisture, heat, and physical damage.

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Benefits of specialty methacrylates for electrical insulation resins

VISIOMER® specialty methacrylates to replace styrene and vinyl toluene

  • More label-friendly reactive diluents
  • Reduced vapor pressure
  • No flammability

Selected solutions for electrical insulation resins

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