Good for the environment


Sustainability is one of our guiding principles. A key aspect of constantly challenging and improving sustainability performance is the use of bio-based raw materials. In addition to analysing and reducing the carbon footprint throughout the supply chain, we develop processes with the highest possible degree of resource efficiency. 

specialty methacrylates based on renewable resources

Visiomer® Terra

Under the brand name VISIOMER® Terra, we offer methacrylate monomers based on a significant degree on renewable resources. These products are already part of specialty methacrylates’ portfolio and is expected to continue growing in the future.

Evonik's climate targets are in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.


We have defined Environment, Safety, Health and Quality (ESHQ) values, which address our responsibility for the environment and our endeavors to continuously improve our products, processes and systems.

specialty methacrylates for sustainable applications

Sustainable Applications

Our VISIOMER® methacrylate monomers support sustainability in a variety of end-use applications.

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