Join us on our sustainability journey!

Creating possibilities for a sustainable world.

Evonik Specialty Methacrylates is convinced that sustainability and responsibility are vital for our future. We are dedicated to our purpose. With these principles in mind, we go beyond existing technologies, developing customized and innovative solutions that are more environmentally friendly, efficient, and long lasting.

Together, we can make a significant impact on the environment. We enthusiastically invite you to join the sustainability journey.

Outstanding solutions arise from mutual inspiration.

Our Sustainability Strategy is based on three pillars.

Click here to download our flyer!
Click here to download our flyer!

Life Cycle Analysis | Renewable Energy | Sustainable Feedstock

Innovation | CMR Replacement | ESHQ

Portfolio Sustainability Assessment | Sustainable Methacrylates | Sustainable Applications

Up to 85%

The bio-content of VISIOMER® Terra methacrylate monomers is certified.


We are continously extending our sustainable toolbox.


Low VOC methacrylate monomers can be used to replace styrene.

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