specialty methacrylates for health and personal care

Soft contact lenses, more hair volume and light-curing dental compounds

Personal and Health Care

The personal and health care industry covers a wide range of applications, such as feminine care, cosmetics, hair care products, dental compounds, pharmaceuticals and contact lenses. We offer the right products to enhance your individual application.

Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are hydrogels typically composed of hydroxyesters such as VISIOMER® UHP-HEMA, crosslinkers like VISIOMER® EGDMA, PEG 200 DMA and TRGDMA and other comonomers to increase hydrophilicity. VISIOMER® UHP HEMA (ultra-high-purity hydroxy methacrylate) enables the production of dimensionally stable soft contact lenses with high wear comfort.  This is achieved by combining high oxygen permeability with high water uptake. Our newest specialty methacrylate, VISIOMER® Terra GMMA, is a partially bio-based monomer that adds superior product properties to contact lenses when used in lens formulations. Low shrinkage, flexibility and increased water permeability all make VISIOMER® Terra GMMA lenses significantly more comfortable for the user to wear. 

Dental Compounds

Artificial teeth and dentures are manufactured using the monomer/polymer method. Here, formulations typically contain a certain amount of multifunctional methacrylates, e.g. VISIOMER® EGDMA. Composites for crowns and bridges, fillings and adhesives contain high molecular weight multifunctional methacrylates that show minimum shrinkage during polymerization, e.g. VISIOMER® HEMATMDI, as well as low-molecular-weight multifunctional methacrylates for viscosity adjustment, such as VISIOMER® TRGDMA. Dental applications also require monomers that can be light cured. Due to its reactivity, VISIOMER® HEMATMDI is one of the methacrylate monomers that is specifically dedicated to this application.

Hair and Skin Care

Copolymers of VISIOMER® DMAPMA or MADAME with N-vinyl pyrrolidone are used as styling polymers in haircare applications providing a volumizing or conditioning effect. Quats like TMAEMC and MAPTAC are used in cationic polyelectrolytes, which show good affinity to hair keratin. They are also used for cationic adjustment by copolymerization of cationic monomers with hydrophobic, non-ionic ones, leading to polyelectrolytes whose films are elastic and less hygroscopic.

SELECTED SOLUTIONS for Personal and Health Care

Please find here our product range for cosmetics, contact lenses and dental compounds.

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