Evonik’s Specialty Methacrylates Product Line Launches New Product Portfolio Video

Evonik’s Specialty Methacrylates Product Line has launched a new product portfolio video to display its product range and the individual effects they provide for the product and technologies of its customers.

"Versatile properties make methacrylate monomers the products of choice for a variety of applications. Hard or soft, hydrophobic, or hydrophilic, monomers from Evonik Specialty Methacrylates offer the polymer chemist functionality and flexibility to solve specific application and performance challenges- not to mention the broadest monomer product pallet available,” said Haroldo Rodrigues, Head of Marketing of Specialty Methacrylates.  

VISIOMER® Specialty Monomers serve a broad range of industries and applications and enable individual and sustainable effects for your products in the field of adhesives, paints and coatings, composite resins, construction materials as well as various special applications.

Find effective monomers and crosslinkers for your specific application and industry based on methacrylate chemistry.

Outstanding solutions arise from mutual inspiration, so we enthusiastically invite our customers to join our Sustainability Journey —Creating possibilities for a sustainable world.