VISIOMER® HEMA-P for anti-corrosion and flame retardancy in coatings, adhesives and composites

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Adhesion promoter, anti-corrosion and flame-retardant properties for coatings, adhesives and composites.

Applications of VISIOMER® HEMA-P

Adhesion Promotion

VISIOMER® HEMA-P is a well-known adhesion promoter in applications like adhesives or coating resins. As functional co-monomers, VISIOMER® HEMA-P products enable superior adhesion to polar surfaces like minerals, glass, and metals.

Coatings and Adhesives

VISIOMER® HEMA-P is a polymerizable flame-retardant comprising a combination of a phosphoric acid and methacrylate moiety. The phosphate function is responsible for the flame-retardant properties. The methacrylate group readily polymerizes and leads to a non-migrating agent. A single-flame source test was conducted on acrylic polymer emulsions confirming the flame-retardant properties of VISIOMER® HEMA-P 70M containing emulsions.

It is particularly well suited for transparent applications, such as WB coatings for wood, paper and textile applications.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection, an important requirement for coatings, is a challenge to maintain in waterborne systems. Our studies on acrylic emulsions with 7 wt% of VISIOMER® HEMA-P 70M demonstrate enhanced corrosion resistance compared to resins without any anti-corrosion agent.


VISIOMER® HEMA-P products can be used as co-reactive diluent in UPR or VE composite resins. Its phosphate moiety is responsible for its flame-retardant properties. Additionally, being a methacrylate monomer it is polymerizable and therefore a non-migrating flame retardant additive. VISIOMER® HEMA-P products can be used to formulate non-halogenic and filler-free flame-retardant composite materials.

Resin-glass fiber adhesion

As an adhesion promoter, VISIOMER® HEMA-P improves the adhesion of the composite matrix to the glass fibers and results in an increased ILSS (Interlaminar Shear Strength). It helps to improve the strength-to-weight-ratio in glass-fiber reinforced composites.

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